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From Ottoman Turkish سنجاقبك(sancakbeg), from سنجاق(sanjak, banner) + بك(bey, ruler).

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sanjakbey (plural sanjakbeys)

  1. (historical) An official of the Ottoman Empire who oversaw a sanjak.
    • 1524, Robert Copland, translating J. de Bourbon as The Begynnynge and Foundacyon of the Holy Hospytall, sig. Civ:
      It was reported to vs from the campe they were .iii. seniacboys, yt is to saye grete seneshalles or stuardes.
    • 1589, R. Hakluyt, translation in The Principal Navigations..., p. 170:
      ...last of all the Beglerbegs, and Zanziacbegs...

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