From scare +‎ monger.


scaremonger (plural scaremongers)

  1. Someone who spreads worrying rumours or needlessly alarms people.
    Synonyms: alarmist, fearmonger, panicmonger
    • 1909, William Le Queux, Spies of the Kaiser[1]:
      I have refrained from giving actual names and dates, for obvious reasons, and have therefore been compelled, even at the risk of being again denounced as a scaremonger, to present the facts in the form of fiction—fiction which, I trust, will point its own patriotic moral.



scaremonger (third-person singular simple present scaremongers, present participle scaremongering, simple past and past participle scaremongered)

  1. To spread worrying rumours.
    • 2000, “Idioteque”, in Kid A, performed by Radiohead:
      We're not scaremongering / This is really happening, happening
    • 2021 July 2, The NT News, page 23, column 2:
      If no new cases come from the Buff Club exposure site, it will be hard to believe politicians scaremongering that the delta variant is so infectious that all you have to do is walk past an infected person to get it.