seguir adelante



seguir adelante (first-person singular present sigo adelante, first-person singular preterite seguí adelante, past participle seguido adelante)

  1. (idiomatic) to go on, to move on, to press on, to push on, to go forth
    Sigamos adelante desde aquí y poner nuestra confianza en Dios todopoderoso.Let us go forth from here and put our trust in almighty God.
  2. (idiomatic) to keep going, to carry on, to get on, to continue, to proceed
    Pase lo que pase, sigue adelante hasta alcanzar tu meta.No matter what, keep going until you reach your goal.
  3. (idiomatic) to go ahead, get ahead, to move ahead, to press ahead, to push ahead
    Seguiremos adelante con el evento aunque llueva.We will press ahead with the event even if it rains.
  4. (idiomatic) to move forward, to forge ahead, to press forward, to go forward, to continue forward, to pursue (i.e. to advance with progress)
    Ciertos países de la UE quieren seguir adelante con los mismos proyectos que otros son renuentes a apoyar.
    Certain countries of the EU want to forge ahead with the same projects that others are reluctant to support.
  5. (idiomatic) to follow through
  6. (figuratively) to move on, to get on, to carry on (i.e. to deal with something and move past it)

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