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shant (plural shants)

  1. (Britain, slang) A drink, usually a pint.
    • 2013, Richard James Bentley, Greenbeard, →ISBN:
      If yez is smart yer will take out enough for a shant and some fun, enough to buy yer missus or yer tart a new dress, enough to put shoes on yer sister's weans, even, but leave the rest under yer feet for the next day, an' the day arter that.
    • 2015, Michael Moorcock -, The Whispering Swarm, →ISBN:
      Welcoming Captain St Claire, Prince Rupert ordered him a shant of dark porter and called upon him to speak of his travels.
    • 2016, Christopher James, Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Ruby Elephants, →ISBN:
      Well, if you're willing to sub me a shant of bivvy, then I'll tell ya
  2. (Britain) A shack or shanty.
    • 1889, David Hill, Out of His Sphere: A Drama in Three Acts, page 33:
      Why, I wouldn't swap this old wrack of a shant , ez I've called it, with the treasures it contains to-day, for al the bloomin'est bloomed mansions that ever stood on the face of the earth.
    • 2009, Alan Burt Akers, The Havilfar Cycle II, →ISBN, page 148:
      I clapped Ehren on the shoulder and went away to stare broodingly upon that cramph of a shant.
    • 2014, Alexander Cordell, Tunnel Tigers, →ISBN:
      I'd rather deliver in the Glossop Grubber than that apology for a shant.