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shneid (plural shneids)

  1. (informal, US, sports) A losing streak, especially a hitless period in baseball.
    • 2001, Ilana Abramovitch; Seán Galvin, Jews of Brooklyn‎, page 315:
      Danny Kaye was an avid baseball fan, passionately devoted to his beloved Brooklyn Dodgers who broke the shneid by beating the Yankees in the previous World Series.
    • 2002 November 10, “Jets Vs. Dolphins”, in, Usenet[1]:
      Ok. The dolphins got off the shneid by finally beating the Jets in the first go round.
    • 2003 March 21, “Cal Tennis Welcomes Purdue”, in
      Cal is 3-0 all-time against the Boilermakers and is in a good position to keep Purdue on the shneid.
    • 2005 December 3, “Jaaber, Penn turn back Navy”, in Philadelphia Daily News:
      [Eric Osmundson] has to get off the shneid, David [Whitehurst] has to help us, and even Ibby's better than 2-for-7. Hopefully, it'll start to come.