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Part of a text written in Gregg shorthand.


short +‎ hand



shorthand (plural shorthands)

  1. A rough and rapid method of writing by substituting symbols, for letters, words, etc.
    Synonyms: stenography, phonography
    Antonym: longhand
  2. (by extension) Any brief or shortened way of saying or doing something.
    The jargon becomes a shorthand for these advanced concepts.
    • "Kate Spade, Whose Handbags Carried Women Into Adulthood, Is Dead at 55" by Jonah Engel Bromwich, Vanessa Friedman and Matthew Schneier, The New York Times (2018)
      Her name became a shorthand for the cute, clever bags that were an instant hit with cosmopolitan women in the early stages of their careers and, later, young girls — status symbols of a more attainable, all-American sort than a Fendi clutch or Chanel bag.


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