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From Ottoman Turkish سكمك(sikmek, to fuck, to have sexual congress with, to injure seriously, ruin), from Proto-Turkic *sik-mek (to copulate). Cognate with Karakhanid سِكْماكْ(sikmēk, to copulate) Azerbaijani sikmək (to fuck), Kazakh сігу (sıgu, to fuck), Kyrgyz сигүү (sigüü), Tatar сигу (sigu), Turkmen sikmek (to fuck), Uzbek sikmoq (to fuck), and Uyghur سىكمەك(sikmek, to fuck).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [sicˈmɛc]
  • Hyphenation: sik‧mek

Verb edit

sikmek (third-person singular simple present siker)

  1. (transitive, vulgar) to fuck, to screw
    Fırsatı varken beni neden sikmediğini anlayamıyorum.I can't understand why he/she didn't fuck me while he/she had the chance.
    Bahtsız bedeviyi çölde kutup ayısı siker.The unlucky bedouin gets fucked by a polar bear in the desert. (Turkish proverb)
  2. (transitive, vulgar, figuratively) to destroy, to ruin, to fuck up, to screw up
    sikip atmakto ruin (literally, “to fuck and then throw away”)

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This word should not be confused with similar word sıkmak, which uses a dotless ı. See the usage notes at sikilmek, sikişmek.

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