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See also: sila, Sila, síla, silã, silā, and silă




si- (modal) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -Ø- (classifier)-lá (neuter perfective stem of root -LÁ, “to handle a slender flexible object”).



  1. it lies somewhere, is located somewhere (a slender flexible object as a rope, a chain, a belt)
  2. they lie around somewhere, are located somewhere (a pair of objects as shoes, socks, scissors)
  3. it lies somewhere, is located somewhere (object of unknown shape)

Usage notesEdit

This verb is semantically limited to expression in the third person and refers to a single item. For multiple items, use the verb naazlá.

This is a neuter verb that uses only the perfective stem.


Paradigm: Neuter perfective (si), third person only.

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