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slob +‎ -y


slobby (comparative slobbier, superlative slobbiest)

  1. Slobbish.
    • 1972, Anonymous, Go Ask Alice
      I've put on seven ugly, fat, sloppy, slobby pounds and I don't have anything I can wear. I'm beginning to look as slobby as I feel.
    • 1981, Robert Westall, The Scarecrows‎
      He'd thought Joe Moreton a great slobby lump; and Joe had not been a great slobby lump. Joe Moreton at least was a man.
  2. Slobbery.
    • 1998, Francisco Goldman, The Ordinary Seaman
      A huge, slobby dog was in love with another huge, slobby dog wearing a pink bow in her collar []
    • 2001, Gillian Cross, The Dark Behind the Curtain‎
      All chewed and slobby with spit. He must have taken huge bites. Like someone starving.
  3. (Canada) Slushy, like slob ice.
    • 2003, Michael Crummey, Flesh and Blood (page 38)
      They had to run for his father and then launch a skiff into the slobby ice, half poling, half hauling toward the spot where he'd last been seen []