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Derived from SmackDown, a name used by World Wrestling Entertainment to identify some of its wrestling matches, formed from the combination of smack and down.


smackdown ‎(plural smackdowns)

  1. A fight; a beating, a physical or emotional confrontation.
    • 2008, Jennifer Crusie, Bob Mayer, Agnes and the Hitman, p. 152:
      ...the thought of Carpenter and Garth in a smackdown over a rack of country ribs was not a pretty one.
    • 2007, Paula Chase, So Not the Drama: A Del Rio Bay Clique Novel, p. 285:
      "Well, I didn't get your messages," Mina said, embarrassed to admit her parents put the smackdown on all of her electronic communication.
    • 2006, Rachel Caine, Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires, Book I, p. 59:
      Monica had been challenged and, so far, hadn't exactly delivered the smackdown everybody — Claire included — had expected.
    • 2005, Kate Brian, Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys: A Novel, p. 148:
      Megan shouted out as Finn and Sean raced toward the smackdown. By the time they got there, Evan had already slammed his fist into Doug's face multiple times.
    • 2004, Laura J. Burns, Inherit the Witch: An Original Novel, p. 51:
      "I'm not looking for any more sisterly smackdowns." She sat up and rubbed her arms where Paige and Juliana had been holding her.
    • 2003, Popular Science, p. 73:
      Considering these numbers, which positively put the smackdown on GM's much celebrated fuel-cell concept vehicle, the Hy-Wire (built on the Autonomy chassis), Shimizu was understandably crestfallen when, at this year's Detroit auto show, he received but two orders for the KAZ.

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