Blend of snorkel +‎ scuba [1]


snuba (uncountable)

  1. (sports) A combination of snorkeling and scuba diving where the swimmer uses the fins, mask, and breathing apparatus commonly used in scuba diving, but the oxygen tanks usually strapped to the back are instead attached to floating rafts that remain on the water's surface.[2][3]
    • 2001, Christie Stilson, Maui and Lanaʻi, Ninth Edition,[5][6] Prima, →ISBN, page 400:
      This isn’t scuba, or even snuba, but simply underwater walking!
    • 2008, Charles Hammersley, “Snuba”, in Michael Lück (editor), The Encyclopedia of Tourism and Recreation in Marine Environments, CABI, →ISBN, page 439:
      One raft will support two snuba-divers. ¶ [] Orientation for the snuba activity is usually about 30 min, followed by a 30-min undersea experience.
    • 2010, Marcie and Rick Carroll, The Unofficial Guide to Hawaii, John Wiley and Sons, →ISBN, page 290:
      A fun alternative in the sea is a “snuba” tour, where snorkelers can go underwater tethered by a breathing tube to an air-supply float on the surface.

Usage notesEdit

Snuba diving is known in tropical tourist locations such as Hawaii.[4]


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