Etymology 1Edit

soul +‎ -ful



soulful (comparative more soulful, superlative most soulful)

  1. Full of emotion and vigor.
  2. Full of soul.

Etymology 2Edit

soul +‎ -ful


soulful (plural soulfuls)

  1. Enough to fill one's soul.
    • 1958 September, Edwin D. Merry, “Float plane trolling”, in Flying Magazine, volume 63, number 3, page 35:
      At Sebago we hauled in Perch and whole soulfuls of lovely scenery.
    • 2008, Joseph Wechsler, Look, Ma!: Stories with Points to Ponder, page 174:
      He grabbed his chin and went off to brood in a dark corner of Godel's office, then swished into space, hopping from planet to planet like someone walking off a soulful of problems.
    • 2014, Beth Moore, Portraits of Devotion, page 304:
      Could anyone use a strong dose of self-discipline? How about a heaping soulful of joy?