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  1. Abbreviation of spelling. (often used when correcting or questioning one's own spelling)
    • 1993, "Keith Lau", More help needed! Spacecuts, etc ... (on newsgroup
      Does this mean that I would have to use Z-buffering, or tessellate (sp?) the resultant (possibly nonconvex) polygon into triangles and draw them in Z-order?
    • 2003, "Maggie", I am back again... (on newsgroup alt.penpals.rejects)
      It's all that Britney Spears' fault and that other trashy looking singer, Christina Aguilera sp??? geezzzzzz.. they look like hookers !!!!!!
  2. Abbreviation of spur. (in highway designations and signage)
  3. Abbreviation of special. (Can we add an example for this sense?)



  1. (proofreading) Abbreviation of spell out.


Norwegian NynorskEdit

Proper nounEdit

sp n

  1. Abbreviation of Senterpartiet.