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A spaceman, floating in space.

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space +‎ -man

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spaceman (plural spacemen)

  1. (informal, childish) An astronaut, often a male astronaut.
    I want to be a spaceman when I grow up.
  2. (informal) A humanoid extraterrestrial.
    • 1972, Prochnow, Herbert V. (Herbert Victor), 1897-1998, 1000 stories and illustrations for all occasions[1], →OCLC:
      A spaceman from Mars could easily pick out the most civilized nations here. They are the only ones who know how to make atom bombs.
    • 1977, Ortzen, Len, Strange stories of UFOs[2], →OCLC:
      While in Los Angeles he was contacted by a spaceman from Saturn whose name was Ramu []
    • 2011, Wolfsblume, Jack, Paranormal[3], →OCLC:
      He was out UFO-hunting in the Mojave Desert, California, when he was greeted by a tall, blond spaceman from Venus

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