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From spilve (cottongrass) +‎ -ens (ultimately from the same stem as spalva), apparently because pillows were made with it.[1]


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spilvens m (1st declension)

  1. pillow, cushion (soft mass of material stuffed into a cloth bag, used for comfort)
    spalvu, dūnu spilvensfeather pillow
    vates spilvenscotton pillow
    dīvāna spilvenscouch cushion
    spilvena pārvalkspillow case
    nolikt galvu uz spilvenato lay one's head on a pillow
  2. something used as a pillow
    es esmu aizmidzis saldi pļavas sūnu mīkstajā spilvenāI fell asleep on the pillow of sweet, soft meadow moss
  3. something similar to a pillow or cushion, used for various purposes, e.g. friction or impact reduction, etc.
    smilšu spilvenssand bag
    sēdekļa spilvensseat cushion
    gaisa spilvensair bag
    skābekļa spilvensoxygen bag
  4. (anatomy) a soft, usually relatively thick, formation in an organism
    talku spilvenscushion of fat


Derived termsEdit


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