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From split +‎ -ism, a calque of Chinese 分裂主義分裂主义 (fēnlièzhǔyì)



splittism (uncountable)

  1. Political separatism, specifically the following of independent interests as opposed to central Communist party policy.
    • 1963, Life, 12 Jul 1963, p. 4:
      The Chinese have intensified their ideological quarrel with Khrushchev to the point of an almost irreparable break. They accuse him of the most heinous Communist heresies: "adventurism" (for moving missiles into Cuba), "capitulationism" (for moving them out), "great-power chauvinism" (for interfering in non-Russian parties), "revisionism" (for not wanting nuclear war) and even "splittism."[1]
    • 2010, The Economist, 17 Jul 2010, p. 53:
      To China's rulers it is a backward kind of place whose former serfs, ‘liberated’ by the Communist army, have repaid the favour with ingratitude and even outright ‘splittism’.


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