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stocking stuffer


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stocking stuffer (plural stocking stuffers)

  1. (informal) A small, relatively inexpensive Christmas present suitable for placing in a child's stocking, which was traditionally hung by a fireplace on Christmas Eve in anticipation that Santa Claus would fill it with gifts.
    • 1945 Dec. 21, "Last . . . But Not Least" (display advertisement), Milwaukee Journal, p. 45 (retrieved 25 Jan. 2010):
      Gimbels is scintillating with last minute stocking stuffer ideas!
    • 2007 Nov. 24, Derek McCormack, "A guide to Gift Guides," National Post (Canada) (retrieved 25 Jan. 2010):
      But for ordinary Canadians, gift guides . . . give readers a window into what others will be receiving on Christmas morning, from the smallest stocking stuffer to the largest luxury gift.