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strike a balance (third-person singular simple present strikes a balance, present participle striking a balance, simple past and past participle struck a balance)

  1. To find a compromise between two conflicting things.
    You should try to strike a balance between your social life and work life.
    • 1906, John Galsworthy, The Man of Property, chapter 1
      Close to the window, where he could get more than his fair share of fresh air, the other twin, James—the fat and the lean of it, old Jolyon called these brothers—like the bulky Swithin, over six feet in height, but very lean, as though destined from his birth to strike a balance and maintain an average, brooded over the scene with his permanent stoop; [...]
    • 2004, Bridgeport Music, Inc. v. Dimension Films, opinion of the court
      The copyright laws attempt to strike a balance between protecting original works and stifling further creativity.