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Alternative formsEdit

  • super-special


super- +‎ special


superspecial (comparative more superspecial, superlative most superspecial)

  1. Extremely special.
    Oh, isn't that just superspecial?


superspecial (plural superspecials)

  1. (media) An especially large or spectacular mass-media special, such as on television
    • 2002, Chet Raymo, 365 Starry Nights[1], →ISBN, page 129:
      No indoor pleasures, no television superspecials, can compare to a night full of shooting stars.
  2. (motor racing) A special spectator stage of a rally event
    • 2008, December 8, “Sammy Hamill”, in Champion Loeb is too hot to handle on icy roads[2]:
      The clutch of his Focus overheated in the traffic jam around the stadium and he had to nurse the car through the Saturday night superspecial, dropping five seconds to the flying Loeb.

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