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tele- +‎ gaming


telegaming (uncountable)

  1. The playing of games by two or more distant participants, especially using telecommunications, such as telephony, that predate the Internet.
    • 1984, Stewart Brand, Whole Earth Software Catalog
      A twelve-year-old in Georgia? A grandmother in Walla Walla? But that's interactive telegaming, and I think it's a wave of the future.
    • 1985, Jonathan Erickson, William D Cramer, MacTelecommunications
      Multiplayer telegaming, game playing with other people over telephone lines, overcomes this obstacle.
    • 1986, Compute magazine
      But there is a lighter side to telecomputing — multiple-player telegaming.
    • 1999, Julie K Petersen, Data and telecommunications dictionary
      Telegaming has been around for a long time. For centuries, people have played long distance chess and backgammon games by messenger and, more recently, by mail or phone.