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tele- +‎ market


telemarket (third-person singular simple present telemarkets, present participle telemarketing, simple past and past participle telemarketed)

  1. (intransitive) To engage in telemarketing (unsolicited telephone calls to potential customers).
    • 2002, Niels H. Nielsen, Princeton Management Consultants guide to your new job
      If people hate to receive telephone sales calls, why should you telemarket?
    • 2003, Jim Penman, What will they franchise next?: the story of Jim's Group
      I tried canvassing for a paint company, and failed. I telemarketed for another business, and failed. I had no people skills.
    • 2004, Jody R. Westby, International guide to privacy
      In addition, nearly every company that telemarkets is subject to the FCC's telemarketing rules, which were expanded in July 2003...