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television show (plural television shows)

  1. A live or recorded broadcast or program, or series of broadcasts or programs, meant to be viewed on television.
    • 1995, Margaret J. Heide, Television Culture and Women's Lives: Thirtysomething and the Contradictions of Gender[1], page 57:
      The opening vignette thus functions as a sophisticated postmodern "show within a show" rumination on television and its cultural impact within our lives. We know we are watching a television show, and the program is commenting on earlier programs, thereby distinguishing it from other shows that lack this self-consciousness. But instead of inviting us to question television in terms of our hindsight knowledge about earlier shows, this dialogue in effect draws us into the drama by having us identify precisely with the nostalgia of the characters for these earlier programs.
    • 2012, Katie Efird, My Perfect Life[2], page 113:
      My favorite movie is Grown Ups, and my favorite television show is NCIS. I like that show for some reason.
  2. The taping of a television broadcast before a studio audience.
    • 1955, Irving T. Marsh & ‎Edward Ehre, Best Sports Stories, page 72:
      A boy named Joey was proudly announcing his father was going to take him into Newark that afternoon to attend a television show.
    • 1971, Title News - Volume 49, page 164:
      Those interested in attending television shows while in New York City should send ticket requests as follows:
    • 1972, United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
      I have not been back to the prison except when I most recently attended a television show with Representative John Conyers.



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