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Inherited from Middle English testimonie, from Old French testimonie, from Latin testimōnium (testimony).



testimony (countable and uncountable, plural testimonies)

  1. (law) Statements made by a witness in court.
    Synonym: deposition
    • 2012 August 21, Pilkington, Ed, “Death penalty on trial: should Reggie Clemons live or die?”, in The Guardian[1]:
      The Missouri prosecutors' case against Clemons, based partly on incriminating testimony given by his co-defendants, was that Clemons was part of a group of four youths who accosted the sisters on the Chain of Rocks Bridge one dark night in April 1991.
  2. An account of first-hand experience.
  3. (religion) In a church service (or religious service), a personal account, such as one's conversion, testimony of faith, or life testimony.
  4. Witness; evidence; proof of some fact.

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