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the one (plural the ones)

  1. (colloquial) A particularly special or compatible person or thing.
    I knew as soon I met him that John was the one for me and we were married within a month.
    That car's the one — I'll buy it.
    • 1995, Bryan Adams, Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
      When you love a woman then tell her
      that she's really wanted
      When you love a woman then tell her that she's the one
      'cause she needs somebody to tell her
      that it's gonna last forever
  2. (colloquial) A particular person destined to save the universe or world, also called the Chosen One.
    Jesus Christ is the One. The savior.
    He (Neo) is The One.
    They, like me, believe him (Anakin Skywalker) to be the Chosen One.

Usage notesEdit

  • Only used as predicate.



the one (plural the ones)

  1. The person or thing.
    Here is the one I want to buy.


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