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From the same source as tirgus (market), made into a 2nd-conjugation verb in -ot.


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tirgot tr. or intr., 2nd conj., pres. tirgoju, tirgo, tirgo, past tirgoju

  1. to sell, to vend (goods, usually in the market, in a shop
    tirgot ābolusto sell apples
    jauna dāma tirgo skābētus gurķus: lielākie maksā 5 rubļus, bet mazākie - 8 rubļusa young lady sells pickled cucumbers; the bigger ones cost 5 rubles, the smaller ones - 8 rubles
    valsts kioskos par stabilām cenām tirgo svaigas un žāvētas reņģesin the public shops (they) sold fresh and dried herring at stable prices
  2. (intransitively) to sell, to vend, to deal with, to trade (goods, usually in the market, in a shop)
    visu dienu tirgojāmwe sold, traded (goods) the whole day
    šodien labi tirgotstoday (it was) well sold (= today we sold well, a lot)
    liela daļa veikalu kara laikā bija slēgti; ar ko tad tirgos?most of the shops were closed during the war; with what then will one deal, trade?



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