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From Proto-Vietic *k-laːjʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *klaj(ʔ) ~ *klaaj(ʔ) (to change), cognate with Muong tlải, Tho [Cuối Chăm] klaːj³, Khmer ក្លាយ (klaay, to change), Mon ကၠဲာ (klai, to translate). Compare also Thai กลาย (glaai), Lao ກາຍ (kāi).


trái (, , )

  1. (often with bên) left (side, direction)
    bên tráion the left
    Rẽ/Quẹo (tay) trái.
    Turn left.
  2. reverse (side)
    mặt trái của tấm vảithe reverse of a piece of cloth
  3. (rare) morally wrong, unreasonable, illogical
    phân rõ phải trái, đúng saito distinguish between right and wrong
Derived termsEdit
Derived terms


trái ()

  1. inside out
    Lộn trái quần áo để phơi.
    Turn the clothes inside out and hang them out to dry.


trái ()

  1. contrary to, despite
    nắng trái tiếtunseasonably sunny (literally, “sunny despite the climate”)
    trái nghĩaantonymous
    trái với quan niệm thông thườngcontrary to popular belief
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Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Vietic *p-leːʔ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *pləjʔ (fruit). Cognate with Muong tlải, Khmer ផ្លែ (phlae), Bahnar plei, Pacoh culay, Mang pløː¹.

This is originally the Southern form. The North Central form trấy is still extensively used in these dialects. The Northern forms giái (inland dialects), lái (as in lái tim, coastal dialects) are also attested, but now are mostly displaced by Sino-Vietnamese quả when used as a stand-alone noun and by Southern trái when used as part of compound (as in Trái Đất (the Earth)).

Alternative formsEdit

  • (Northern Vietnam, inland dialects, probably obsolete) giái
  • (Northern Vietnam, coastal dialects, probably obsolete) lái
  • (North Central Vietnam) trấy


trái (𢁑, 𣛤, 𢁑, 𣡙, 𣡚, 𧀞)

  1. (chiefly Central Vietnam, Southern Vietnam) a piece of fruit
    ăn trái (cây)to eat fruit
  2. (informal) land mine
    gài tráito place land mines


trái (𢁑, 𣛤, 𢁑, 𣡙, 𣡚, 𧀞)

  1. (chiefly Central Vietnam, Southern Vietnam) Refers to anything round, such as a piece of fruit.
    trái chôm chômrambutan
    trái lựu đạngrenade
    trái núimountain
    trái banhfootball
    trái câya piece of fruit
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Etymology 3Edit

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trái ()

  1. smallpox
    lên tráito come down with smallpox
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Derived terms

Etymology 4Edit

Sino-Vietnamese reading of various Chinese characters.



  1. Sino-Vietnamese reading of
  2. Sino-Vietnamese reading of