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tray bon




From French très bon.


tray bon

  1. Eye dialect spelling of très bon; very good; all right.
    • 1961, John Harris, Covenant with Death[1], page 205:
      “You know,” he said thoughtfully, his mind far away from the Colinqueaus, “I think that new bloke′s a bit of tray bon. The bayonet instructors would go absolutely fanti if they heard him, wouldn′t they? He sounded as mad as a maggot. []
    • 1974, Rex Reed, People Are Crazy Here[2], page 79:
      [] all the clerks were waving: “Au revoir, Sally.” “Mmmm, tray bon, y′all!” She flashed the peace sign again and clattered away in her ankle-strap shoes like a crack of sunshine on a foggy day.

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