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From truth +‎ -er. For sense 2, directly from name of the 9/11 Truth movement



truther (plural truthers)

  1. (US, colloquial) Someone who tells the truth. [from 20th c.]
    • 1915, Daily Leader, 14 July:
      A liar can't begin to start the riots a truther can.
  2. (colloquial, chiefly US) Someone who believes that the US government was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. [from 21st c.]
    • 2005, "Gold9472" (2005-02-14), “BREAKING NEWS: Dick Cheney Behind 9/11 Attacks - MUST READ - PLEASE”, in talk.politics.theory, Usenet[1]
      [signed] 9/11 Truther
    • 2006, George Washington, Social Proof, George Washington's Blog, 26 May:
      Therefore, virtually every press release or statement about 9/11 should include a reference to the poll to show people that many Americans are 9/11 truthers who scoff at the 9/11 Commission as a fraud and that demand a real 9/11 investigation.
    • 2009, David Ignatius, Reading Iran by the Letter, The Washington Post, 20 September:
      The Iranian president is even a "truther," insisting that there was a hidden hand behind Sept. 11, 2001. "Could it be planned and executed without coordination with intelligence and security services — or their extensive infiltration?" he mused in the letter to Bush.
  3. By extension, a conspiracy theorist who does not believe the accepted story about some significant event, fact, etc. [from 21st c.]
    • 2013, D. Wittkower, Philip K. Dick and Philosophy:
      For instance, "truthers" who believe in a US government conspiracy to destroy the pentagon
    • 2014, Lori Badura, Tell It Like It Isn't, page 226:
      Rather, believers of this conspiracy theory (known as Sandy Hook “truthers”) propose that the entire event might have been staged by Homeland Security and FEMA
    • 2014, Ralph Cinque, A review of the trailer of James Lambert's new film, alt.assassination.jfk:
      I am calling your attention to it because I think that we JFK truthers may be able to use this film to our advantage.


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