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From truth +‎ -some.


truthsome (comparative more truthsome, superlative most truthsome)

  1. (rare) Marked by truth; actual; truthful
    • 1922, Harry Franklin Harrington, Writing for Print[1], page 119:
      You lose regard for the truthsome fact / And 'scape the provisions of the Volstead Act.
    • 2000, Andrew Hodgkiss, From Lesion to Metaphor:
      Hallucinations of the insane involve loss of insight while in 'visions' insight is maintained while the sensory phenomena remain just as vivid and 'truthsome'.
    • 2002, "Heart of Gold", Firefly episode,
      Inara, I ain't looking for anything from you. I'm just feeling kind of truthsome right now.
    • 2003, J. B. Miller, The Satanic Nurses:
      He would see himself the image of the ageless one as, athwart and abrazened, the tally-caster coast of crimson breeze bespoke its truthsome squeal.

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