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A portrait of Tsarevna Praskovya Ivanovna of Russia, by I. N. Nikitin, 1714
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Borrowed from Russian царе́вна (carévna).


tsarevna (plural tsarevnas)

  1. The daughter of a tsar.
    • 1967, Leo Wiener, Anthology of Russian Literature from the Earliest Period to the Present Time[1], volume 1, page 138:
      The Tsaréviches and Tsarévnas have each separate apartments and servants to look after them.
    • 2004, Evgeniĭ Viktorovich Anisimov, Five Empresses: Court Life in Eighteenth-Century Russia[2], page 186:
      And a long line of bridegrooms courted the tsarevna one after another: [] Perhaps the fastidious tsarevna might even have found some of the bridegrooms to her liking.
    • 2010, Yelena Mazour-Matusevich, Alexandra S. Korros, Aron I͡Akovlevich Gurevich, Saluting Aron Gurevich: Essays in History, Literature and Other Related Subjects, page 120,
      There he became acquainted with maids in service to Ekaterina Alekseevna, Peter the Great's half-sister, and through them, he gained the tsarevna’s favor.

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