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From Latin tortus.


tuerto (feminine singular tuerta, masculine plural tuertos, feminine plural tuertas)

  1. one-eyed, blind in one eye


tuerto m (plural tuertos, feminine tuerta, feminine plural tuertas)

  1. one-eyed person, someone blind in one eye
  2. tort, injury, offense
  3. someone who is thought to bring bad luck to a person they see

Usage notesEdit

In Spanish, if someone experiences bad luck, it can be said that a "tuerto" (one-eyed person) has seen them. So common expressions such as "te ha mirado un tuerto" or "me miró un tuerto" meaning literally "a one-eyed person has seen you" or "a one-eyed person saw me" could be translated as "what rotten luck" or "I/He/She was jinxed".

Derived termsEdit

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