• IPA(key): /ˈtuo̯lːɑ/, [ˈt̪uo̞̯lːɑ]
  • Rhymes: -uolːɑ
  • Syllabification: tuol‧la



  1. Adessive singular form of tuo.
  2. at that, on that (when the speaker points at something).
    Istuin tuolla tuolilla.
    I sat on that chair.
    Jäin tuolla bussipysäkillä.
    I got off at that bus stop.
  3. with that (when using something; when the speaker points at something).
    Tuolla autolla emme aja minnekään.
    We won't drive anywhere with that car.



  1. (static) there or over there (when the speaker points at the place).
    Me olimme tuolla.
    We were there.

Usage notesEdit

In colloquial speech, tuolla and tuolta as adessives and ablatives of tuo are often separated from tuolla and tuolta as adverbs, the former becoming tolla and tolta and the latter staying as-is. Despite this, tuonne often becomes tonne:

Se on tuolla.
It's over there.
Se on tolla.
That (guy/person) over there has it.

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