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turkey trot (plural turkey trots)

  1. A dance popular in the first two decades of the 20th century, consisting of exaggerated bird-like movements performed to fast-paced ragtime music.
    • 1919, Frank L. Packard, chapter 9, in The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale:
      From the direction of "The Yellow Lantern" [] arose the strident notes of a tinny piano beating blatantly the measure of a turkey trot.
    • 1985 Sept. 30, Guy D. Garcia, "People," Time:
      Still, music fans who feared that rockabilly might eventually go the way of the turkey trot can take heart.
  2. (US) A footrace held on or around Thanksgiving Day.


to turkey trot (third-person singular simple present turkey trots, present participle turkey trotting, simple past and past participle turkey trotted)

  1. To dance a turkey trot.
    • 1914, Rex Ellingwood Beach, chapter 4, in The Auction Block:
      The old men on the Exchange play golf all day, and the young ones turkey-trot all night.

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