un- +‎ cork.



uncork (third-person singular simple present uncorks, present participle uncorking, simple past and past participle uncorked)

  1. (transitive) To open (a bottle or other container sealed with a cork or stopper) by removing the cork or stopper from.
    uncork a bottle of wine
    • 1961 March, "Dalmore", “Driving and firing modern French steam locomotives”, in Trains Illustrated, pages 150-151:
      After Compiègne, André uncorked a bottle of his Vin Rosé which went down uncommonly well and we reached Aulnoye without further incident.
  2. (transitive) To release.
    • 2002, The Middle East (issues 319-329, page 10)
      The 11 September attacks uncorked a whirlwind of outlandish conspiracy theories.