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un- +‎ restricted

Adjective edit

unrestricted (comparative more unrestricted, superlative most unrestricted)

  1. Not restricted or confined.
    • 1950 March, H. A. Vallance, “On Foot Across the Forth Bridge”, in Railway Magazine, page 147:
      The extreme depth of these channels, and the insistence of the Board of Trade on a headway of 150 ft. for the unrestricted passage of large ships, necessitated a high bridge with two main spans, and a central pier on Inchgarvie.
    • 1962 June, David Walters, “The new station and layout at Coventry”, in Modern Railways, page 407:
      The new fast lines are laid out for unrestricted speed through the station, as after electrification certain expresses may run non-stop between Euston and Birmingham.
  2. Having no security classification.

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