From Middle English unsupported, equivalent to un- +‎ supported.


unsupported (comparative more unsupported, superlative most unsupported)

  1. Without physical support.
    The bombed bridge was left unsupported and soon collapsed.
  2. For which support or help is not available.
    This obsolete software is unsupported. Please upgrade to the latest version.
  3. Without confirmation from a credible source, without verifying support
    Synonyms: see Thesaurus:baseless
    The sentence was unsupported by an inline citation or general bibliographic reference source notes.
    • 2007 August 28, Scott Rosenberg, The Guardian:
      The newspaper wrote that Jorn Barger, who started his Robot Wisdom weblog in 1997, is "regarded by many" as the "first blogger". But who are these "many"? If a blogger had written that phrase, it would have come with a link to the source. The Wall Street Journal's unsupported claim, though hedged with admissions of other contenders to the "first blogger" title, only reinforced the feeling, endemic among bloggers, that the mainstream media, derisively acronymised as MSM, just can't get anything right.
  4. Not supported by or borne out of evidence or facts.