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Apparently from earlier Proto-Baltic *varyas (adjective), referring to some metallic property: maybe its easy melting (Proto-Indo-European *wor-yo-, from *wor- (to boil, to melt)), maybe its flexibility (Proto-Indo-European *wer-yo- from *wer- (to turn, to bend)). Either way, the Baltic terms are quite unique within Indo-European; other branches have non-cognate terms for “copper”, like Latin cuprum (cf. Latvian kapars) or Russian медь (medʹ). Cognates include Lithuanian vãrias, vãris, Old Prussian wargien.[1]


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Chemical element
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varš m (1st declension)

  1. copper (metallic reddish-brown chemical element, with atomic number 29)
    vara savienojumicopper compounds
    vara sāļi, sulfāts, oksīdscopper salts, sulphate, oxide
    vara sakausējumicopper alloys
    vara rūda, minerālicopper ore, minerals
    vara rūpniecībacopper industry
    vara traukicopper cookware
    vara zvans, gongscopper bell, gong
    vara stieplecopper wire
    vara naudacopper money (coins)
    vara sarkans, vara krāsacopper red, copper color
    vara laikmetsthe Copper Age




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