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video-game (third-person singular simple present video-games, present participle video-gaming, simple past and past participle video-gamed)

  1. Alternative form of video game.
    • 1996 August 25, Jill James, “QE2 bows to none in historical richness, magnificence, service”, in The Arizona Republic, 107th year, number 99, Phoenix, Ariz., page T13, column 2:
      Next morning my son announces that he has teamed up with other youngsters, been for a midnight swim, hung around the ship’s 2000 Club, played shuffleboard, deck quoits and generally video-gamed the night away.
    • 2000, Lianne Cain, Greetings! from Carl’s Corner, Texas, Authors Choice Press, →ISBN, page 107:
      By the time we fueled, shopped, phoned, ate, video-gamed, and shopped again (just in case a new shipment of chrome came in while we were at dinner), it was usually ten o’clock when we finally headed back to the truck and the bunk.
    • 2009, Gary R. Kirby, Stories of Sunshine and Funtime of Wonder and Thunder of Mystery and Magic for the Young to Grow On, iUniverse, Inc., →ISBN, page 17:
      The boys and girls stared at the TVs, they stared at the computers, they emailed, they chat-roomed, they video-gamed, they face-booked, they texted, and they twittered.
    • 2015 March 14, Caitlin Dewey, “Breaking down ‘digital divide’: Internet helps seniors cope better: Research”, in The Windsor Star, page D3:
      Kerstin Wolgers made it through 82 years on this Earth without ever once checking an email, watching a YouTube clip or sending a tweet. But last week, as part of a crash course that introduced her to the Internet for the first time, the former Swedish actress did all three — plus Googled, Instagrammed, Wikipedia-ed, shopped, video-gamed … even online-dated, eventually.
    • 2023 February 19, Laura King, “War stories: ‘All of us were changed’”, in Los Angeles Times, page A1:
      In the early dark hours, as armored vehicles rumbled across the border and warplanes filled the skies, people were sleeping, bathing, making love, video-gaming, soothing a sick child.