From vim dicare, or vindicō.



vindicta f (genitive vindictae); first declension

  1. ceremonial staff used in manumission
  2. punishment, vengeance
    Familia Griffini ad modum cxl dolo optimatum Sratewi ceciderunt; in cuius vindicta rex Grifinus Demetiam et Stratewi devastavit...
    "The family of Gruffydd to the measure of 140 [people] fell by treachery to the nobles of Ystrad Tywi; in punishment for which, King Gruffydd devastated Dyfed and Ystrad Tywi..." (Annales Cambriae, B Text)
  3. redress, satisfaction
  4. a means of vindication


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative vindicta vindictae
Genitive vindictae vindictārum
Dative vindictae vindictīs
Accusative vindictam vindictās
Ablative vindictā vindictīs
Vocative vindicta vindictae

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Borrowed from Latin vindicta. Doublet of vendetta.


vindicta f (plural vindictas)

  1. vengeance
    No importa cuan maña sea su voluntad de vindicta, a veces se debe conocer los límites propios
    It's not important how much good might flow from your wish for vengeance, sometimes you must know your limits
    Synonym: venganza

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