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From the feminine of the past participle of the verb volver (vuelto), or Vulgar Latin *volta, from *volŭta, from Latin volūta, from the feminine of volūtus, perfect passive participle of volvō. Cognate with English vault and Italian volta.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbwelta/, [ˈbwel̪t̪a]


vuelta f (plural vueltas)

  1. turn
  2. return
  3. walk
  4. tour, trip
  5. change (money given back when a customer hands over more than the exact price of an item)
    Synonym: cambio
  6. (sports) lap (one circuit around a race track, or one traversal down and then back the length of a pool)

Derived termsEdit


vuelta f sg

  1. Feminine singular past participle of volver.

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