See also: vy, vý-, and vy.

Czech edit

Etymology edit

Inherited from Proto-Slavic *vy-.

Prefix edit


  1. a prefix, often indicating the perfective aspect
  2. out of (opposite of v- +‎ "into")
  1. (as an imperfective verb) (often used with se) intensification: added to mean very much, with more or less positive result
    vy- + ‎truchlit (grieve) → ‎vytruchlit se (have enough time to grieve)
    vy- + ‎lyžovat (ski) → ‎vylyžovat se (do a lot of skiing)

Derived terms edit

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Further reading edit

  • vy-/vý- in Slovník afixů užívaných v češtině, 2017

Swahili edit

Etymology edit

From vi- before a vowel.

Pronunciation edit

  • (file)

Prefix edit

vy- (singular ch-)

  1. form of vi- used before a vowel in certain words
    1. vi class(VIII) noun prefix and adjective agreement prefix
      vitu vyemagood things
    2. impersonal adjective agreement prefix
      Ni vyema kuwashukuru.It is nice to thank them.
    3. Forms adverbs of manner from declinable adjectives.
      vy- + ‎-ema (nice) → ‎vyema (nicely)

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