wax wode



From Middle English waxen wode


to wax wode

  1. To become angry because of something, be made angry by someone or something
    • My hair stode up, I waxed wode, my synewes all did shake / And, as the fury had me vext, my teeth began to quake — James Petite Andews, The History of Great Britain, 1806
    • From Beowulf to Bertie Wooster (or How British Humor Waxed "Wode") — Spring Schedule of Classes, 2009
    • That last call made me maddest, I think (I waxed wode), ...Even in a little thing, entry, 2009
  2. To be alienated from somebody, be overcome with repugnance for
    • In wyne is lecherie, bi which men wexen wode fro God. — Wyclif sermons, 1425