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From Middle English waxen wode


wax wode (third-person singular simple present waxes wode, present participle waxing wode, simple past waxed wode or (archaic) wex wode, past participle waxed wode or (dialectal, archaic) waxen wode)

  1. (obsolete) To become angry because of something, be made angry by someone or something
    • My hair stode up, I waxed wode, my synewes all did shake / And, as the fury had me vext, my teeth began to quake — James Petite Andews, The History of Great Britain, 1806
    • From Beowulf to Bertie Wooster (or How British Humor Waxed "Wode") — Spring Schedule of Classes, 2009
    • That last call made me maddest, I think (I waxed wode), ...Even in a little thing, entry, 2009
  2. (obsolete) To be alienated from somebody, be overcome with repugnance for
    • In wyne is lecherie, bi which men wexen wode fro God. — Wyclif sermons, 1425