Central FranconianEdit

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From Old High German wizzan, from Proto-Germanic *witaną, from Proto-Indo-European *wóyde.



wesse (third-person singular present weeß or weiß or wääß, past tense woss or wosst, participle jewoss or gewosst)

  1. (most dialects) to know; to be aware (of a fact)
    Wa’ meng Frau wöss, datt ich hee öm halver zwei noch en der Wirtschaff setze, do krääch ich se ävver!
    If my wife knew that I’m still sitting here in the pub at half past one, I’d get slapped.

Usage notesEdit

  • The forms weeß, weiß; woss; jewoss are Ripuarian (weiß being Kölsch). The forms weeß, wääß; wosst; gewosst are Moselle Franconian.



From Old French wespe, from a conflation of Latin vespa and Old Frankish *wespa, *wapsa (wasp), from Proto-Germanic *wapsō (wasp).


wesse f (plural wesses)

  1. wasp