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wet firecracker (plural wet firecrackers)

  1. (idiomatic) A person, event, or thing lacking liveliness or failing to generate excitement, especially when there was a prior expectation of liveliness or excitement.
    • 1973 June 16, "Movie Review: Super Fly TNT Continues With His Adventures in Rome and Africa," New York Times (retrieved 16 Oct 2017):
      Coming after a fast, colorful movie like Super Fly, a follow-up called Super Fly TNT is a wet firecracker.
    • 2006 June 18, Richard Yamarone, "Confusion From the Fed Head," Washington Post (retrieved 16 Oct 2017):
      After Bernanke's first semiannual testimony before Congress in February, I wrote to my clients that his appearance was essentially a wet firecracker—he did not jolt the markets.
    • 2009, Tom Santopietro, Sinatra in Hollywood: The Film Career of a Screen Icon, →ISBN, (Google preview):
      [A]udiences sensibly enough found Lollobrigida and Sinatra to be a wet firecracker of a team.


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