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whene'er (not comparable)

  1. (poetic) Contraction of whenever.
    • 1884 January 5 (date it opened at the Savoy Theatre), Arthur Sullivan (music), W. S. Gilbert (libretto), Princess Ida; or, Castle Adamant:
      Whene'er I spoke / Sarcastic joke / Replete with malice spiteful, / This people mild / Politely smil'd, / And voted me delightful!
    • 2009, Hannah Howell, Highland Champion →ISBN, page 96:
      “Or mayhap he didnae want the trouble it could bring him whene'er he went home or visited his kinsmen.”
      “Or mayhap he just needed to give it a rest.”
      Fiona laughed so hard she had to set her drink down on the table []

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