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white +‎ board, modelled on blackboard.



A blank whiteboard

whiteboard (plural whiteboards)

  1. A writing board finished with a hard white material, which can be written upon using special non-permanent markers and subsequently wiped clean.
    • 1995, Gary Wolf, "The Curse of Xanadu", Wired Magazine
      Mark Miller gave himself up to Xanadu's pull and rejoined the project full time. The new Xanadu site on Palo Alto's California Avenue was remodeled to resemble the environment at Xerox PARC. The programmers' offices opened onto a large common space, and the walls were covered with white board, which quickly became a tangle of multicolored lines, words, circles, and squiggles.
  2. (by extension, computing) A collaborative tool allowing several users to write and draw on the same shared display.

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