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Etymology 1Edit

white +‎ wall


whitewall (not comparable)

  1. (of a tyre/tire) Having white sidewalls
    • 1987, “The Case of the Wool's Worth”, in The Jewish Law Review: The Mishnah on damages[1]:
      Jake had just installed a radar detector and four new whitewall tires.
    • 2007, George McNicholl, How to Rebuild Corvette Rolling Chassis 1963-1982[2]:
      The UniRoyal Tiger Pay Touring whitewall tire is not a performance tire, but it is totally acceptable for street use.
    • 2015, Neal Murphy, East Texas Serendipity: Discovering Stories, History, and Tales from an East Texan’s Perspective[3]:
      I was shocked the other day when I Walmart that I could not find a whitewall tire for sale.
  2. (US, military) Describing a hair cut with a closely cropped back and sides and the hair on the top of the head left longer.
    • 2007, Alexander Theroux, Laura Warholic: Or, The Sexual Intellectual[4]:
      A weird elongated creature with a whitewall haircut who had the big head as well as hands and fat thighs of the acromegalic, he was an uninhibited cross-dresser suffering from Gender Identity Disorder who constantly appeared in frocks.
    • 2011, Mike Stewart, A Clean Kill[5]:
      A blond kid with a whitewall haircut and long, thin sideburns came over to stand beside the kid with the wimpy Roman do.
    • 2016, Lee Child, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel[6]:
      With a whitewall crew cut, high and tight.


whitewall (plural whitewalls)

  1. A tyre/tire with white sidewalls.
    • 1967, Portnoy's complaint
      She'd look two hun-erd percent better with the whitewalls...
    • 1947 June 20, Tide, page 25:
      Sales points you just have to snap on the whitewalls; they are easy to clean, can't scuff on curbs []
    • 1974, “Be Thankful for What You Got”, in Be Thankful for What You Got, performed by William DeVaughn:
      Though you may not drive a great big Cadillac / Gangsta whitewalls
    • 2008, Joey Green, Joey Green's Fix-It Magic: More Than 1,971 Quick-and-Easy Household Solutions Using Brand-Name Products[7]:
      To clean whitewalls on tires, spray Easy-Off Oven Clearn on the whitewalls, wait two minutes, and then rince off with a high pressure hose.
    • 2009, William Kloefkorn, Breathing in the Fullness of Time[8]:
      They owned two of the largest houses in town; and they drove the latest Chevrolets available, 1941 models, both cars still sporting whitewall tires, which meant that the man who said he hadn't seen a whitewall since Hector was a pup was perhaps stretching the truth.
  2. (US, military) A hair cut with a closely cropped back and sides and the hair on the top of the head left longer.

Etymology 2Edit

See witwall.


whitewall (plural whitewalls)

  1. (Britain, dialect, Northamptonshire, rare) The spotted flycatcher.
    • 1885, Charles Swainson, Provincial Names and Folk Lore of British Birds[9], volume 32, Spotted flycatcher:
      White wall (Northants).
    • 1903, The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia[10]:
      The beam-bird, Muscicapa grisola; the spotted flycatcher. Also whitewall, white-bird.
    • 1905, Alexander Robert Forbes, Gaelic Names of Beasts (Mammalia), Birds, Fishes, Insects, Reptiles, Etc[11]:
      Wall bird, wall-plat, white base, whitewall.