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From work +‎ stead. Cognate with German Werkstatt (workshop), Swedish verkstad (workshop).


workstead (plural worksteads)

  1. Any place, such as a workshop, office, studio, or garage, set up where work can be performed; a workstation.
    • 1888, Charles Montagu Doughty, Travels in Arabia Deserta:
      As we walked we saw white slags lying together; where perhaps had been the workstead of some ancient artificer.
    • 1982, Personal computer:
      The factors to consider in establishing a computer workstead can be divided into two categories (or perhaps linked to a two-headed monster): the computer's turf and everything else about home-based business.
    • 2010, S. M. Stirling, The Sword of the Lady:
      He could feel Edain turning like a hound at a scent as they went by a well-equipped bowyer′s workstead, with rows of recurves hanging to dry inside and billets of ashwood ready to be split and smoothed for arrow shafts.
  2. A place of employment; workplace.
    • 1999, Betty Neville Michelozzi, Coming Alive from Nine to Five:
      Today there is a trend back to the old workstead as technology can bring people within sight and sound of each other even though they are hundreds of miles apart.
  3. A laboratory.