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yard +‎ fowl



yardfowl (plural yardfowl or yardfowls)

  1. (Barbados) A political sycophant.
    • 1986, Politics Barbados: The Guide to the General Election, 1986, page 84:
      The peculiar term "Yardfowl" has been with us for nearly 40 years. its humble beginnings to present day, this apparently indigenous adjective has gone through its own socioeconomic changes. [] Meant to convey a derogatory, pejorative connotation, "Yardfowl" was given immortality by our Calypso King the Mighty Gabby, when he produced a musical tribute, some years ago highlighting this unique Barbadian expression.
    • 2005, Paul Sutton, Dual Legacies in the Contemporary Caribbean:
      Like an expectant dog barking for his supper, he rushes in to please his new master Reagan like all good yardfowls by attacking Grenada.
    • 2011, Ronald A. Williams, Four Saints and an Angel, page 40:
      A yardfowl, according to Marjorie's St. Euribian dictionary of standard dialect, is anybody who t'ink dat being able to call de prime minister by he first name is a paycheck.
    • 2017 November 3, “The 1929 Anti-Corruption Act”, in Barbados Today[1]:
      I was completely paralyzed by the wealth of idiocy on display this week and the complete intellectual impoverishment taking place in this country. Sadly, there is only one article per week and not every yardfowl is worthy of a decent or printable response.
  2. A chicken raised in a yard.
    • 1944, Peter De vries, Angels Can't Do Better, page 177:
      What ravishments, inaccessible to us, may not be written there, where the awakened yardfowl carves her fluid sport, to remotest whispers of the eagle's flight.
    • 1983, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Tales by Moonlight:
      By then Torin had used Brinda's pebbles to buy wine, bread, and a little yardfowl meat, so he had to give her their worth in other toys.
    • 1996, Marc Sebanc, Flight to Hollow Mountain, page 57:
      Oh, how pleased will Cromus be to read the boy's intestinal fortitude — a deal more accurate than the innards of yardfowl, he claims; they're sure to unblock those dream paths, as he calls them,"

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