1. to light on fire, to set alight
  2. (figuratively, colloquial, impersonal) to please, to be pleasing
    Bu menga yoqadi.I like it. (literally, “It is pleasing to me.”)


Conjugation of yoqmoq (see also Appendix:Uzbek verbs)
tense participle
positive negative positive negative
singular plural1 singular plural1
nominal non-finites
infinitive yoqmoq yoqmamoq
gerund simpl yoqa yoqmay, yoqmasdan
past yoqib
comp yoqish
present simpl 1st yoqaman yoqamiz yoqmayman yoqmaymiz yoqayotgan yoqmayotgan
2nd yoqasan yoqasiz yoqmaysan yoqmaysiz
3rd yoqadi yoqadilar yoqmaydi yoqmaydilar
cont A 1st yoqyapman yoqyapmiz yoqmayapman yoqmayapmiz
2nd yoqyapsan yoqyapsiz yoqmayapsan yoqmayapsiz
3rd yoqyapdi yoqyapdilar yoqmayapdi yoqmayapdilar
cont B2 1st yoqayotirman yoqayotirmiz yoqmayotirman yoqmayotirmiz
2nd yoqayotirsan yoqayotirsiz yoqmayotirsan yoqmayotirsiz
3rd yoqayotir yoqayotirlar yoqmayotir yoqmayotirlar
cont C 1st yoqmoqdaman yoqmoqdamiz yoqmamoqdaman yoqmamoqdamiz
2nd yoqmoqdasan yoqmoqdasiz yoqmamoqdasan yoqmamoqdasiz
3rd yoqmoqda yoqmoqdalar yoqmamoqda yoqmamoqdalar
perf 1st yoqqanman yoqqanmiz yoqmaganman yoqmaganmiz yoqadigan yoqmaydigan
2nd yoqqansan yoqqansiz yoqmagansan yoqmagansiz
3rd yoqqan yoqqanlar yoqmagan yoqmaganlar
past def 1st yoqdim yoqdik yoqmadim yoqmadik yoqgan yoqmagan
2nd yoqding yoqdingiz yoqmading yoqmadingiz
3rd yoqdi yoqdilar yoqmadi yoqmadilar
indef 1st yoqibman yoqibmiz yoqmabman yoqmabmiz
2nd yoqibsan yoqibsiz yoqmabsan yoqmabsiz
3rd yoqibdi yoqibdilar yoqmabdi yoqmabdilar
future indef 1st yoqarman yoqarmiz yoqmasman yoqmasmiz yoqar yoqmas
2nd yoqarsan yoqarsiz yoqmassan yoqmassiz
3rd yoqar yoqarlar yoqmas yoqmaslar
def3 1st yoqajakman yoqajakmiz yoqmayajakman yoqmayajakmiz
2nd yoqajaksan yoqajaksiz yoqmayajaksan yoqmayajaksiz
3rd yoqajak yoqajaklar yoqmayajak yoqmayajaklar
oblig 1st yoqadiganman yoqadiganmiz yoqmaydiganman yoqmaydiganmiz
2nd yoqadigansan yoqadigansiz yoqmaydigansan yoqmaydigansiz
3rd yoqadigan yoqadiganlar yoqmaydigan yoqmaydiganlar
  1st yoqsam yoqsak yoqmasam yoqmasak
2nd yoqsang yoqsangiz yoqmasang yoqmasangiz
3rd yoqsa yoqsalar yoqmasa yoqmasalar
1st yoqmoqchiman yoqmoqchimiz yoqmoqchi + emas + person suffix
2nd yoqmoqchisan yoqmoqchisiz
3rd yoqmoqchi yoqmoqchilar
  1st yoqay! yoqaylik! yoqmay! yoqmaylik!
2nd yoq! (formal -ing) yoqingiz! yoqma! yoqmangiz!
3rd yoqsin! yoqsinlar! yoqmasin! yoqmasinlar!
Compound tenses:

1Third person plural forms are commonly replaced by the third person singular.
2Almost never used in colloquial speech.
3Rarely used.